The new Minox FRA Kit

Fast. precise. easy. 

The new MINOX Fast Reticle Adjustment - FRA - allows you to adjust the reticle quickly, safely and precisely when shooting at long distances. After firing the shot at long range, the integrated FRA Zero Stop ensures a safe return to the original reticle position.
The Allrounder 3-15x56 and 3-15x56 S riflescopes are now also available with premounted FRA turrets. The MINOX FRA is also available as a kit and can be easily, quickly and independently installed on an existing MINOX riflescope. The FRA Kit is suitable for all Allrounder riflescopes, as well as for all models of the previous MINOX ZE 5.2 series.
The FRA Kit, consisting of an elevation & windage turret, is now available at specialist retailers.