The Monocular for Near and Far

MINOX Monocular
MD 7X42 C

The compact Navigator.

Wide field of view and 7x magnification with an highly precise integrated compass.

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MINOX Macroscope™
MS 8X25

The powerful Mini-Telescope

With 8x magnification to observe objects in the distance. Extremely close focal range of only 35 cm.

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Fascination in the Details

Getting to the bottom of things, exploring the secrets of nature down to the last detail - for you as a demanding nature observer and passionate birdwatcher or sailing enthusiasts, high-quality monoculars are indispensable tools for observations. Our monoculars are exactly tailored to meet your needs: they are light, compact and easy to transport - perfect for observing any object from a distance - insects, plants, animals or birds. They also feature lenses of the highest quality, so you benefit not only from high light transmission, but also from brilliance, contrast and color rendition - even in adverse conditions.